The design brief for the CROSSRAY was challenging from the very beginning:

1. Redefine the outdoor gas BBQ so that it can perform exactly like the fundamental and traditional outdoor way of cooking over a bed of red hot coals.

2. Create an even heat over the entire cooking area, and devise means to stop any fat are ups.

3. Incorporate a system that will also function as an infra red oven, in the way of traditional wood fired stoves such as the AGA.

4. Act as a true multi-function appliance, so the consumer needs only one outdoor appliance that can act as a pizza oven, normal oven, long slow smoker oven and an exceptional conventional grill.

The revolutionary design solution has been refined and improved upon over the years. Fundamental to the design is the surface combustion gas red infrared burners. These are uniquely mounted with the actual grill casing, under the cooking plates. The burners are mounted at an angle that directs the infrared heat evenly over the entire cooking area.

As a result of this revolutionary design, the CROSSRAY® is able the reach temperatures around 50% higher than a similar sized, traditional gas BBQ.


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